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Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.” Geneses 2:15

We feel like the Lord Jesus Christ has called up for many reasons, and has led us to encourage the Four Principels of Biblical Stewardship

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May I suggest you read this story to the background of my favorite singer Niel Young and " Comes a Time."  Because time has come for a change in America. Welcome aboard. I am Uncle Earl and my lovely bride, who is always at my side is Miss Pam Kennedy Whitlow. Pam just may be slightly related to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Just sit back and watch her sophistication and the way she carries herself for 5 minutes, and you know she is related to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and that explains why I am a very clever, lucky man. We would like to welcome you to our world, based here in a little river town, that our forefathers named West Monroe in the great state of Louisiana.

Miss Kennedy and I are located in God’s solar system, spinning around on his planet Earth, so fast that it’s a wonder tall trees ain’t laying down. You see, Miss Pam and Uncle Earl read the Bible occasionally, and we think we know the will of God.

God, the Creator of all things, rules over all and deserves our worship and adoration (Ps. 103:19—22). The earth, and, with it, all the cosmos, reveals its Creator’s wisdom and goodness (Ps. 19:1—6) and is sustained and governed by his power and loving-kindness (Ps. 102:25—27; Ps. 104; Col. 1:17; Heb. 1:3, 10—12). Men and women were created in the image of God, given a privileged place among creatures, and commanded to exercise stewardship over the earth (Gen. 1:26—28; Ps. 8:5). Fundamental to a properly Christian environmental ethic, then, are the Creator/creature distinction and the doctrine of humankind’s creation in the image of God. Some environmentalists, especially those in the "Deep Ecology" movement, divinize the earth and insist on "biological egalitarianism," the equal value and rights of all life forms, in the mistaken notion that this will raise human respect for the earth. Instead, this philosophy negates the biblical affirmation of the human person’s unique role as steward and eliminates the very rationale for human care for creation. The quest for the humane treatment of beasts by lowering people to the level of animals leads only to the beastly treatment of humans.5  

I am an old hippie and I have been an active environmentalist since 1976, when I was a Bioenvironmental Engineer with the United States Air Force. I resigned from Uncle Sam in 1983 and I worked with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality until I retired in September 2001 to form Whitlow Enterprises EPA Smoke School. And now in 2016, Miss Kennedy and Uncle Earl have created a new empire to strike back against the evil greedy ones, who are destroying God’s clean water and clean air. We call our empire:  Whitlow Enviro Cares Worldwide Services Network and Class-action Legal Environmental Raiders, and we feel like it is a joint venture with Jesus the Christ Man, the Prince of Peace.

We are your cleaning house to report all violations of your clean air and water. Please send us an email to and include several pictures and videos. Some of you will be entitled to a rare known reward of half of the penalties and fines imposed upon the polluters. For example if your findings provide $40,000 to the United States Government, then you will earn a whopping $20,000 in cash.

Our team if environmental raiders will evaluate all of your complaints, and crosscheck your information to the death rate at the CDC in Atlanta Georgia. Then we will take legal actions and form class-action lawsuits against the evil greedy polluters for the slow murders they have gotten away with for many moons. I have gathered evidence and appeared in many trials, and my testimony concerning Rollins Environmental Services is taught at Harvard Law School. I assure you that our team of attorneys will never settle out of court, and we will never lose one single case. We promise to keep only 60% of the bounty and give the rest to the ones of you who have lost loved ones, due to the toxic air and water.

We also plan to use the only recent passing audit that was given to all of our competitor smoke schools, and President George W Bush Executive Order 13360, Contracting and subcontracting with small businesses owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans, to become the only recognized smoke school in America. The Ouachita Parish Police Jury will donate LSU Ag Center in Calhoun Louisiana for us to fabricate at least one smoke making machine for each state in America. And then we will hire retired state and federal environmental employees to conduct smoke school in each state. In addition we will establish an EHS training institute, and require all federal and state inspectors to be properly trained on how to do their jobs. Not a single federal or state environmental employee has ever received one single day of formal training on how to perform an inspection. All of you are also welcome to attend.

Furthermore, we shall investigate all political favors for all government officials to determine just how many citizens they killed with their secret sins of air and water pollution schemes to make money for their greedy little pocket books. Then we will see that they stand trial for murder. In 2021 I will be running for President of these United States as in independent candidate. I promise to end all of the corruption, and let the voters choose their political candidates by their personal knowledge of them. At last government will be for the people, by the people. All television coverage of each election will be generated by the news media. If an individual is not worthy of making the news, then they will not get very far.


Introducing the 21 century new way to shop. Just email to describe anything in the world that you want and send us some pictures of it. I promise that we will either make it or find it for the best price available. Amen, Thanks for the visit.

Potential class action law suites for Jesus Kennedy Whitlow Enterprises Enviro-Cares International Services Network, and Bible Oriented Class Action Law Legal Environmental Raiders of the Lost Arch:

The killing fields of Walnut Ridge Arkansas

Employment opportunities: We are now accepting resumes for the following: computer geeks, graphic artists, office staff, sales, marketing, interior decorators, seamstress sewing, florists, real estate sales and brokers, notaries, license tag clerks, licensed pesticide, beauticians, cosmetologist, fresh lawyers, law students, environmental investigators to become raiders, car sales, smoke machinen T-shirt operators, and welders and fabricators. The number one need right now is for someone to operate the $40,000 three dimensional printer, engraver, and etPher.

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I want you to elect me President 2021