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Enviro-Cares Global Environmental Health & Safety EHS Consulting, Legal Litigation, and Court Room Battle Expert Witness Program, by a name that you can trust. On my word as a southern gentleman. The Duke John Wayne says, “A man is just as good as his word.” George Artie (Uncle Earl) Whitlow and Paul (St. Paul) Liard form an overqualified, unbeatable team, and we represent the best dollar for your money. We have well over 100 years combined experience as EHS inspectors, both federal and state. I conducted research for, and wrote many of the regulations that you have to follow till this day.

I am uncle Earl and I volunteered as a Bioenvironmental Engineer in the USAF in September, 1976, at Eglin AFB in Fort Walton Beach Florida(What a terrible assignment?), where I became the NCO in charge of an air plane patch with industry and 30,000 residents. The air force required me to attend 10 weeks of formal training in all aspects of EHS, and how to conduct inspections, including EPA, OSHA, and sanitary public health, and safety. My training also included interviewing to isolate and treat all sources of all types of communicable diseases, as well as treatment and prevention of hazardous noise exposure, and exposure to toxic chemicals, and radiation in the work place. We conducted yearly audiology tests and physical exams for early detection to save lives. Paul and I would love to take care of those responsibilities for you as well. Let us know and we will fly over to set up your program, and provide assistance as needed. This shall greatly reduce your insurance or workers compensation. We also readily set up EHS audits, fake inspections of EPA and OSHA regulations to keep you out of hot water. We only make recommendations, and we do not take you to court, or issue fines and penalties. This would be like water off a duck’s back for me and St. Paul. We can all team up to help you out with industrial hygiene surveys and inspections to make recommendations for illumination, hazardous noise, and exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation in your work space. We have a 3 D printer engraver for metal or plastic signs and labeling.

If you are a factory owner, plant manager, or environmental engineer in any factory in the United States or the entire world, and you receive an EPA or OSHA environmental health and safety (EHS) notice of violation (NOV), then they want you to save them time, by agreeing to sacrifice your hard earned cash, and pay the fines and penalties. You will also be sacrificing the reputation of your company with the media coverage. Each NOV, like drunk driving, accumulates points for your entire company nationwide, thus determining the particular fine for this particular violation. Saint Paul and Uncle Earl advise you to pick up your phone, with the NOV in your fingers, and call me, Uncle Earl 318-450-0369, because me and Paul get our education in the Cities of the nation, me and Paul. That is a Willy Nelson song and we are friends. My cousin is Merle Haggard and they are Poncho and Lefty.  We have more time in court as environmental experts than Carter has liver pills, and we have never lost a single case. Me and Paul, the best team or you.

Immediately we will fly to your plant to set up a meeting with all parties involved, including your legal staff, fully examine all aspects of the NOV, inspection report, and pictures, and take them all apart like a dollar watch. We will coach your legal staff on how to testify in court, we will sit beside them in court, take the stand as expert witnesses, and then we all will celebrate another giant victory. When the judge says, “All charges dismissed.”

Hello, I am Uncle Earl and I am going to let you in on a little secret that no federal or state branch of the EPA or OSHA wants you to ever find out. It is as obvious as the nose on your face, if you just think about it. I retired from the USAF and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) to form Whitlow Enterprises LLC Smoke School Visible Emissions Training, Evaluation, and Certification in September 2001. I took a job with LDEQ back in 1983, after I retired from the USAF, where I had served as a Bioenvironmental Engineer since 1976. I was the last inspector to hire on without a college degree, because I had more than 4 years’ experience. From that day forth, you had to have at least a B S degree in a science major. The college grads, who hire on with state and federal environmental and OSHA agencies have zero life skills, nor professional skills. They start out at about $20,000 and year and stay about 2 years. Then Dow Chemical offers them $100,000, expenses paid, and a new car, and they are a gone pecan.  

To complicate matters at hand, not one single inspector has ever had one single day of formal training on how to conduct an inspection. They are the blind leading the blind. All government agencies train by OJT. If your supervisor trains you wrong, then you are just wrong. For example if they are using EPA Reference Method 9, Visible Emissions Evaluation, then 9 times out of 10, they are not following correct procedures. To them the smoke or dust seems to have a high opacity number. They may read the opacity of smoke at 80%, when in all reality, following correct procedures, the opacity actually is 0 to 20%. You have to have the sun to your back, the winds blowing the plume from left to right or vice versa, and you must be at least 3 stack heights from the observation point. The observation point should be the densest part of the plume where steam or water vapor is not present. You read the opacity at the end of the steam plume if it is attached to the smoke stack, and before the steam starts or after the steam evaporates, if it is detached.

In the U S Air Force in 1976, when I cross trained into Bioenvironmental Engineering, I had to attend a technical school for 10 weeks at Brooks AFB, School of Aerospace Medicine (USAF SAM) in San Antonio, Texas. We learned all there was to know about EPA and OSHA and how to conduct a good inspection. The federal and state departments of environmental quality and OSHA have never took a single day of formal training at all. They have no clue at all how to do their job. And that is the rest of the story. They want you to admit your guilt, and pay the fiddler, to save them from embarrassment in the court of law. St. Paul and I never lose a courtroom battle.

Now I want to tell you about my very first courtroom battle. We do not go to court in the United States Air Force. I conduct my inspection, write the NOV, send you a copy, and I send a copy to your commander. When I conduct a follow up inspection, either all of the discrepancies are corrected, or you show me a purchase order. If you do not, then your Commander wears combat boots, and he sticks one up your behind.

My first courtroom combat battle occurred all day long on September 10, 1984 in the Louisiana Supreme Court under the Honorable Judge Frank Joseph Polozola in the Class action Lawsuit Mary McCASTLE, et al v. ROLLINS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES OF LOUISIANA, INC., et al. Many historians consider this as the lawsuit that changed Louisiana forever. My testimony is taught from LSU to Harvard law schools, amongst others. My Boss Chris Robbery gave me some bad advice. “Just tell the truth and be yourself.” Well he should have known that I am a natural southern comedian, and I had Polozola on the floor rolling and laughing (LOL), along with Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper, and the entire courtroom. I was so embarrassed, I did not think anything that I said was funny at all.

The following day, the Baton Rouge Advocate published a 2 page article of the judges’ comments about my testimony. He said that the 3 expert witnesses had varying testimonies, but I was the most believable man he had ever met. A few months after court, Rollins closed down the doors forever. I felt guilty because 300 hardworking people lost their jobs.  I started conducting LDEQ smoke school in October 1984, because I saw it as an opportunity to teach compliance to industry. Smoke school is a great opportunity for the inspectors to meet with the environmental staff of the regulated companies in an informal setting. I have been conducting smoke school ever since. I love it and so do my 5,000 customers, who come back every 6 months, like clockwork.

The lawsuit had been going on for several years, before I became an inspector. Before each court date, the plaintiffs distributed cameras and cell phones to the 100 residents, whom were involved in the class action lawsuit, and they surrounded Rollins like an Oklahoma tornado watch.  They all had portable phones, and they called the LDEQ complaint hotline, if they saw or smelled anything form the plant at all. I was the inspector on call that Friday night before the court date Monday Morning. Pat Norton, the Administrator of LDEQ, called me at my office, and asked me to call her when the first complaint came in over my pager, because she wanted the publicity. She wanted to be the first female governor of Louisiana, and she almost made it. When my boss heard that Pat was going with me to the inspection, he said he was coming too.

The pager went off at midnight and we met at the gas station across the street from Rollins. The guard held us at the gate 40 minutes, waiting on the environmental staff. Finally Chris said that we were going in if we had to call the state police. As we rounded the curve by the hazardous waste incinerator, we noticed that the wet scrubber had been turned off, either accidentally or on purpose, to allow 100% opacity black smoke. They were burning napalm gas from Vietnam. The operator had the control switch set on manual, while he was out washing trucks. They lost a $9 million lawsuit and got $4 million in fines and penalties. The plant closed down and 300 people lost their jobs. I felt sorry for them and started conducting smoke school, so I could teach environmental compliance. Ignorance is no excuse for the law. Now, do you catch my drift? Time is money. Pick up the phone and call me and Paul at 318-450-0369, so we can put the fire out and stop the bleeding. For this particular service, we are the only worlds experts, and our fees range from $300-$500 an hour, plus expenses. That a lot better than $9 million in fines and penalties.